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Data Logger

Jerry Z's Natatorium Monitor

Past 3 Days

Past 6 Months

Beta Version 0.1.1

1.  The solar cell is outside in the middle of the South facing wall.
2.  The outside T and RH sensors are on the West end of the South facing wall.
3.  The pool T sensor is on a pipe near the pool filter.  If the filter is
    not running, the measured temperature reverts to the room temperature,
    as the pipe cools off.
4.  The pool is covered with a solar blanket when not in use.
5.  The heating system is currently entirely passive solar.
6.  The pool filter is currently on a timer, running about one and a half hours
    per day in the mid-afternon.
7.  All measurements are made simultaneously every 10 minutes, starting at
    the top of the hour.
8.  Time is synchronized via NTP, and is usually accurate to within several
    milliseconds (approx 100 milliseconds maximum error).
9.  The delay from time of measurement to time of this page showing the new
    measurements is generally less than one minute.  This delay is almost entirely
    in the ISP's servers.
10. This page is now updated every half hour (every third measurement).